We have a mulberry tree!

I have been working out in the living room during the day with all the windows open, and the lovely freshness of it all is really nice. I hear birds all day hanging out in the tree out back, which was a big deciduous mystery until it starting getting leaves a couple of weeks ago.

Male lesser goldfinch

It’s been really full of birds; little goldfinches, house finches, doves, even crows, and when I started to notice lots of purple-stained, ahem, signs of birds all over the place, I took another look.

Male lesser goldfinch

The little pollen clusters had turned into white berries, and when I started doing some research, it was pretty clear that we have a white mulberry tree out back.

Lady house finch

Male house finch

The flavor of the white mulberry is more delicate than red or black varieties – I’ve tried a few and I’d compare the flavor to honeydew melon. They’re lightly sweet and floral, not at all tart, and makes me think it might be a fantastic sorbet. Between this and the lemon tree, I’d say we’re off to a good start to a little orchard.

Mulberry Tree

Now, if I can just pick them. The internet recommends shaking the tree and letting the berries fall onto tarps, but it’s a 25 foot tree and I’m not sure shaking it is really going to work.

No idea?

The birds’ love for it is intense, too – in fact, they’re often planted in cherry orchards to keep birds from eating all the cherries. So, we’ll see how much I can get!

White Mulberries

If anyone has mulberry recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

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