Putting Down Roots


Just a little quickie post, but I wanted to show you the little garden that we’ve got started! For my birthday, Don and Kyle built me these three raised garden bed planters, and now we’ve gotten filled them with dirt, just in time for the spring planting season.


It never ceases to amaze me just how different the Arizona seasons are from what I grew up. Planting tomatoes in February? So what if they’ll be toast by June. It’s just a touch on the early side, even for us, but we’re supposed to have really nice weather for the next couple of weeks so what the heck? I figure it’s worth it to get started a little early since in six weeks we’ll have a different kind of little bundle taking most of our time.


These beds are really great and should last a long time. They’re built with pressure-treated lumber to better withstand the Arizona heat, and we lined the bottom with cardboard and leaves to keep the grass at bay. Since we flood irrigate, it won’t keep it down forever, but it should help for a while. I’ll post more pictures as the garden grows and we start to eat the veggies!

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