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Tap tap tap… tap tap… is this thing on?

So, yes there’s been a long pause here at the Larkin house. Five months, to be exact (wow, really exact). Some of that has to do with us taking a much-needed break from hardcore renovation during the summer to give our bodies and wallets a break, and consequently having nothing new to talk about. Another good portion of it has to do with our latest project, which kept me feeling pretty under the weather for a solid couple of months (the biggest thing I was unprepared for was the fatigue! For those of you who know my Type A personality, the fact that I was content to lay still and not do anything should tell you all you need to know). About six weeks ago I started to feel A LOT better and all of a sudden we were in full swing again. I don’t really have an excuse for not posting for those last few weeks other than we have been BUSY.

So, a recap. Since May, we’ve finished up details in the kitchen (added toe kick underneath the cabinets, moved a hanging pendant so that you don’t hit it when you open the cabinet door, added backsplash, filled empty cabinet panels, finished the outside of the island and added stainless steel to the bar side), installed new lights (ceiling fans and sconces in all the bedrooms, exterior light in the carport, dining room pendant), installed new vent registers, changed out many of the old outlets (though we still have SO MANY MORE to do), and cleaned up the yard. And the biggest deal of all, the master bathroom! We’re still missing baseboard everywhere but the bathrooms, closet doors anywhere, and a host of other details, but the big projects are mostly done (really, the last big interior thing is to replace the old single-pane windows that are still in all the bedrooms). For the most part, the house is renovated but not styled. We’re trying to add lasting pieces bit by bit, and getting it all to where we want it will probably just take a while.

For now, we’re focused on finishing up the little things. I know once we have the baby, any remaining construction projects will go on hold for a while! In pursuit of getting as much done as possible, I wrote out a list of all the remaining pieces and taped it up in the hallway so we have to see it every time we walk through the house. Kyle loves this as you might imagine. We’ve made some good progress though!

I’ll put up our final kitchen post at the end of the week, and the big one on the master bathroom as soon as we get a vanity light in there. Right now there’s just a giant wire sticking out of the wall, so it’s just short of finished! We’ve been having a tough time finding an affordable one that we like, so we shall see. Then, it’s on to the nursery!

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