Updated Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash

Gratuitous kitchen photos ahoy!

I think earlier I predicted not getting backsplash up until July? Hmmm, or try September. We bought the tile for the backsplash earlier in the summer, when we took a June trip up to my parents' in Northern California. Sausalito-based Heath Ceramics makes beautiful hand-glazed tile that would normally be pretty far out of our price range, but luckily for us they also have seconds and thirds, which can only be purchased at the main store. You never know what colors they're going to have, or how much, so you pretty much just have to go and pick from their selection.

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Technological Difficulties

Sorry everyone, for the lack of the promised kitchen post! I had to take my computer in to be repaired, so I did't have access to my photos for several days. Then, the repair timeline overlapped my trip home to California, so even though my lovely husband had picked up my computer, I wasn't actually there to use it 🙂 Promise though, this week, for a lengthier and photo-filled update. Read on...

Progress Update

Tap tap tap... tap tap... is this thing on?

So, yes there's been a long pause here at the Larkin house. Five months, to be exact (wow, really exact). Some of that has to do with us taking a much-needed break from hardcore renovation during the summer to give our bodies and wallets a break, and consequently having nothing new to talk about. Another good portion of it has to do with our latest project, which kept me feeling pretty under the weather for a solid couple of months (the biggest thing I was unprepared for was the fatigue! For those of you who know my Type A personality, the fact that I was content to lay still and not do anything should tell you all you need to know). About six weeks ago I started to feel A LOT better and all of a sudden we were in full swing again. I don't really have an excuse for not posting for those last few weeks other than we have been BUSY.

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Our Next Big Project

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Now we’re cooking with gas

Hello all. Busyness at work and in our home lives has kept me from posting here the last couple of weeks, but now that the three-day weekend has arrived, I'm excited to catch you up on the progress we've been making around here. Since we last spoke, we've come quite a bit further on the kitchen. If you know me, you know how much I enjoy cooking, and though I have a home office in which I draw pictures for my day job, the kitchen is my real workspace. We moved into this house on March 25th, a little over two months ago, with no kitchen counters, sink, or cooktop, so for eight weeks, we used the oven and barbecue for all our cooking (our gas grill has a single burner in addition to the grill surface, absolutely saving us on this count). I am happy... no, THRILLED to report that as of last weekend, we now have a fully functional kitchen!

Kyle and his dad Wayne worked a full day on the kitchen last weekend and got a ton accomplished. I had sanded, sealed, and cured the very last piece of butcher block (thank god!), so the first piece of business was fastening down the last three pieces of countertop. In building the cabinets, we somehow slightly increased the height as we went around the U, so some shimming was necessary to get all the counters flush.


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Change we can believe in

Change is in the wind around here. It's been a crazy busy past year, with our wedding, honeymoon, both starting new jobs, buying this house, and completing two master's theses. Oh, that's right, I said two, because on Wednesday morning, in the culmination of three years of work, Kyle successfully presented his applied project and his thesis committee loved it! Just a few hours later, we both walked across the stage at Wells Fargo Arena with 700 of our peers, officially capping our college careers. It was a wonderful celebration and a huge weight lifted off our shoulders (mostly Kyle's).

So, naturally, I immediately put him back to work on the house.

Screwing into the bottom of the counters

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I can see clearly now

If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you probably saw that we got a new door and window system over a week ago, but since the door was mis-cut several inches short on the first go-round, I've waited until now to post it. As you might remember, when we bought the house, the doors looked like this:

Old doors

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Counter Measures

Hi everyone! First, I want to apologize if you're not super interested in butcher block countertops. This post will probably be boring for you. But if you are thinking about ever installing butcher block in your own home, I have a whole lot of information you might be interested in. Come along on this countertop journey with me!

Raw butcher block

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Water, Water Everywhere

Remember when I mentioned that we were about to start flood irrigation? Well, Friday night, we did just that. And hoo-boy, was it an exciting evening in the Larkin household.

Irrigation handle

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It’s Happening

Palo Verde

With Kyle in the home stretch of his thesis (he defends May 2nd!), work has slowed down here in the DotM house. Since I'm now the brains AND the brawn, and have been managing all the other little details that come with moving (changing addresses, meeting with installers, bringing the last bits over from the old house, cleaning, unpacking, taking piles of stuff to Goodwill, etc), it's hard to do everything. But, here and there, after work, on lunch breaks, and on weekends, things have been happening. I finished painting the main part of the house (just the bathroom left!), Kyle installed our fancy new thermostat, we got master closet infrastructure, kitchen countertops are in progress (I'll show you lots more in the next post), I pruned the trees in our back yard. We've unpacked most things. You know, the process. It's happening, more slowly than I'd like, but it's happening.

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