Lots of Progress

We had some major victories this weekend! First and most visually appealing, we made some major headway in the hall bathroom. Kyle and Wayne finished the plumbing for the shower and sink, wired the light, and wall-mounted the vanity. It’s so dang fancy! It’s not totally done (we need to finish painting, switch out the outlets for white, patch the hole where the wiring for the light used to be, install the vent fan, hang towel bars… ok enough, I’m depressing myself right when I was so excited). I’ll do a full post just on the bathroom when it’s totally done and compare before and afters.

New bathroomNew bathroom other side

The guys did a lot of great work to get it this way! After the debacle with the kitchen sink in our current house, Kyle is determined to get all the plumbing good now, before there are cabinets, p-traps, reverse osmosis systems, etc. in the way.

WaynoKyle and Wayne changing valves

And just to prove that Kyle is getting some good use out of his Russian River Steelhead sweatshirt:

Russian River Steelhead sweatshirt!

I used my considerable expertise in assembling IKEA furniture to put the vanity together while the boys were doing plumbing and electrical.

Bathroom vanity in pieces

Gabby came over to help again, thank goodness, and he took up the remaining parquet in the back bedroom. Now we just have a little piece of hallway left and a couple rows in the living room by the fireplace, and I think we may just ask Ricardo to take a stab at it since he has an electric hammer and we don’t. Meanwhile, one of the living room has been cut into a doorway! A new door will be coming this week. Then we’ll be able to access the back yard from inside the house, like normal people

Gabby removing flooringNew door/old window

And in addition: my hamstrings feel like I did 4,000 squats, and I can’t make a fist with my right hand, but I finally finished taking up that vinyl tile in the living room. Hooray! Bare concrete at last. Last night, I had a dream that I started taking up the vinyl tile in the laundry room (which is much newer, and hopefully will come up easier) and another layer of this same vinyl tile was underneath it. Ugh! A nightmare!

No more vinyl!

Meanwhile, in the living room, new drywall has gone in. No more bare block on the south and east walls, though the west one will stay to match the existing fireplace wall. It already looks a lot better in here!

We have drywall

And lastly, I’ll leave you with the another shot of the prettiest spot in the house so we can end on good terms. I walked by to find Kyle just standing in here staring today. That’s a good sign.

New bathroom vanity

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  1. Alex March 13th, 2012

    Love the bathroom vanity and sink!

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