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If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you probably saw that we got a new door and window system over a week ago, but since the door was mis-cut several inches short on the first go-round, I’ve waited until now to post it. As you might remember, when we bought the house, the doors looked like this:

Old doors

Some previous owner had removed whatever original glass had been there (likely three vertical fixed panes and a door, like other homes in the neighborhood) and put in two sliding doors, back to back. Aside from the terrifically shoddy construction and difficulty in actually opening and closing them (not to mention the broken glass in one side), the idea of having two sliding doors as a front door is pretty bad. Visitors never knew knew where to go, especially since there’s another door to the carport unit (in fact, we made that mistake ourselves when we came to see the house). Security also wasn’t great, so it was a priority to replace the doors right away.

Big opening

We shopped around, and decided to put in a storefront system proportioned similarly to what we think the original doors looked like, just a little modernized. It was really important to us to be able to open them up and have ventilation, so we added sliding windows on the bottom, and now we can cross ventilate from front to back! The frame is the straight factory finish, anodized aluminum. Keeping it simple (and cost effective)!

Old doors removed

When they tore out the old doors, the opening looked huge! Amazing how much those dirty, broken doors made it seem smaller and darker.

New windowNew door handle

Crystal clear!

We are thrilled with the results. The whole front elevation of the house looks fresher and cleaner, and the front room is looking more and more finished by the moment. Next: a light for the dining room!

New front window system

New doors

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  1. Crystal July 25th, 2012

    Wow! I really love the new look! So beautiful!!

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