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New can lightNew electrical

Well, this week’s updates aren’t going to win any beauty contest, but they are awesomely functional. This week has been all about electrical and plumbing – inside-the-wall stuff. There’s some crazy wiring going on in this house, and we’re trying to get it straightened out while adding nice new lighting and getting outlets in the right places. There was also some pretty hinky stuff going on in the panel – now that’s cleaned up, thanks to Roberto.

Our weekend work focused on taking up the old wood and vinyl floors. The living room was pretty easy, but Colan spent hours getting only part way up the hallway. There is a LOT more glue there and the boards don’t come out in one piece, but in lots of tiny splinters.


There’s more to do this weekend. Becca and I kicked ass on the vinyl, but there’s still about 20% of the flooring left in there and I’ll get the pleasure of working on it this Saturday. Becca and Colan are going to Hawaii, lucky ducks!

New plumbingNew hallway

There’s all new plumbing now for the hall bathroom, since the wall is conveniently opened up from the back side (thanks to our new hallway!). Ricardo found a crack in the old cast iron drain that had been there for 60 years, and the old tub didn’t drain well. We had Tony the plumber come in and replace both, and trust me when I say that I’m saving you by not providing pictures of the old drains. A couple inches wide, they were almost totally filled closed off with… well… crap.

Kyle and his dad also spent a good portion of Friday rebuilding the hall soffit where it used to meet the old kitchen wall, and extending one of the kitchen walls so that the fridge fits nicely into it. It’s all ready for drywall, which should get started this week! The house will start looking pretty different once all the new drywall and mud go in – much less like a war zone. We also put the new toilet and shower fixtures in the hall bath – it’s so close to being a real, finished room.

Rebuilt soffit and wall extensionNew toilet

Good stuff coming soon. The new gas line is waiting for a kitchen to put it in, and the writing on the walls will soon be covered up with new switch plate covers, drywall, and paint.

New gas lineSoon to be new wiring

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