Driving the Walrus


I mentioned in my last post that getting the flooring was a bit of a saga. We shopped around a lot, and decided on bamboo flooring because of cost, sustainability, and general prettiness. After living with concrete floors for the last few years (and even knowing the lovely concrete in this house) we’d decided we wanted to do wood of some kind, to give our feet a little more cushion. It sounds silly but for reals you guys, walking on concrete all the time in bare feet can lead to some really sore soles at the end of the day. We knew from our research that there were some issues with bamboo (harvesting the grass too young can lead to it not being very hard, so can over-coloring it through a steam process called carbonization, or the way its woven together to create planks), but we ended up choosing a product that we were pretty sure happy with. We borrowed our friend Mike’s truck and drove to the store to buy our 1,483 square feet of flooring (the whole house, minus bathrooms and laundry room. Oh, and that carport unit we’re completely ignoring for the time being).

Kyle in the U-HaulDriving the Walrus

So… do you have any idea what 1,500 square feet of flooring looks like? I didn’t. I really didn’t. We showed up in a little Nissan Frontier and they were basically like, uh, yeah, that’s not happening. In case you’re curious, it’s about two and a half pallets of flooring. Like 4’x4’x4′ pallets. Since the flooring store is quite a ways from our house, we decided to bite the bullet and rent a small box truck. I mean, the U-Haul was only a mile away.

Shenanigans ensued, and we came back to the store an hour or so later to pick up our flooring and drive it home. We did manage to get a one-way truck, so that we could just return it near our house and not drive it all the way back. But of course, that meant getting a 17-foot truck instead of the 10-foot truck we would have actually needed. So, Kyle drove the 17-foot Giant Walrus truck from the flooring store, where the guys loaded it up with a forklift (and used a forklift pusher! So cool!), to our next destination.

Loading flooring

Since we had the big truck, we figured we’d make lemonade by picking up the two windows (from Lowe’s) and door (from Home Depot) that had come in to special order (side note – when you buy an older house EVERYTHING is special order). Lowe’s was no problem, though by this time we had missed lunch, so an entire bag of Flips might have been consumed (have you had these? Chocolate covered pretzels? They don’t sell much food at Lowe’s but these tasted amazing, at least in the moment) while waiting.

In a panic, I texted Colan and Becca to see if they could come help us unload, since we uh, don’t have a forklift at our house. We made one last stop at Home Depot to pick up the door, which had previously arrived with a deep scratch in the glass and had had to be re-ordered. I’ve previously been very complimentary to Home Depot, but they definitely dropped the ball on this one. I won’t lay out the whole annoying mess, but we waited over an hour to find that the new door had arrived but hadn’t been hung in the frame, and when they found the guy to hang it, he discovered that this door was ALSO damaged. In frustration, we agreed to take the original for the moment, and then when the new non-damaged-third-time’s-a-charm door comes in they’ll deliver and install it for us.

66 boxes of flooring, a door, and a window later, the truck was unloaded. This photo actually only shows part of the flooring, because I forgot to take it until the installer had put down about 400 SF of it. Yowza! In the next post I’ll reveal the installed flooring (or, cheaters can check Facebook), which makes the house look like a home. Almost done!

Some of the flooring

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