Demolition: Day 1

In a flurry of good happenings, last Saturday the appraiser came to the house and approved our repairs AND the tenant moved out AND a group of great friends came over to pitch in as we broke everything we just fixed. Yay!

Ready to take down the first wall

Let me back up. The original house appraisal (during the purchase process) was good on the dollar amount, but it came with conditions. Fix the holes in the ceiling, add some missing frieze board, repair the parquet flooring where it was broken, yadda yadda yadda. Some of this meant fixing stuff that we were going to later rip out, like the old flooring, but some of it was good, like repairing the ceilings, which needed to be done anyway. Two weeks, one hastily gotten construction permit, one misplaced wall, and seventeen contractor-fueled headaches later, we were ready for the appraiser to come back and check the items off of his list. With his final approval and the conditions of the loan taken care of, we were ready to get started with the real work. We totally jumped up and down.


A team of 6-9 (depending on what time of day) tore out several walls, went to town on the old flooring, and stripped a bathroom. We generated at least 5 cubic yards of construction debris (I know, because it’s a lot more than the 3 cubic yard dumpster bag we filled), and the place looks a little like a war zone.


It has to be said that we have some totally super awesome, rocking friends. They came early, stayed late, and worked their hearts out for pizza and beer. Colan and Becca stayed until 10pm, Gabby took down an entire wall almost by himself, and Whitney and Chris just happened to drop by and started pitching in. And Wayne was amazing, guiding us through it all.


Living to Dining/Kitchen


Who’s ready to do it again this weekend?

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