Demo Day 2/Unexpected awesomeness

Another weekend of destroying stuff! I’ve found that while no one really wants to come help you paint your house, people are surprisingly willing to give up their weekend time (even on their birthday – you’re aweome Becca!) to swing a sledge hammer. Especially those of the male persuasion. This past weekend we got a LOT accomplished, again thanks to the help of wonderful friends Colan and Becca and dad/father-in-law Wayne, and this weekend also guest starring Terri, Mike, and David. We filled a 20 yard dumpster in two days. TWO DAYS. That’s a lot of destruction.



We removed the entire kitchen (found some crazy old piping hidden behind the cabinets), and Kyle and Wayne built a wall extension, where they moved and capped off all the electrical and plumbing that was in one of the former kitchen walls. The best part? The ceramic tile was held only by the grout, so it came up in just a few minutes with a couple whacks of the sledge.


No more kitchen tile

Becca, Terri and I put in some time in the family room. With some help from taller people, I removed all the wood paneling from the walls and took up the carpet. Underneath the carpet, instead of a carpet pad, I found another piece of the same carpet. Underneath that was a layer of old vinyl tile, which is coming up less easily. We’re probably about 60% done, more to go. I swear, I am stronger than that vinyl.

My friend the baby crowbar

We also used the dumpster to clean out all the stuff that had been abandoned by tenants and previous owners. We tossed the non-working Kenmore fridge, but this Philco is still totally functional! It needs a bit of restoration, but I know someone will want it. Going to try to sell it on Craigslist.

Philco FridgePhilco Fridge open

The photo below is all I can bear to show of the yards and yards of crap pulled from the back bedroom. The tenant left it a pretty terrible mess, which was gross, but at least we were ripping it all out.

Lots of paperbacks

The best part of the whole weekend? When Becca and I were taking up the carpet in the back bedroom (lovely orange and purple paisley, sorry I don’t have a photo), we got to a part of the wall with some panels nailed over it. Colan came to help us take them down, and behind it? A secret door!

We kind of hoped it would lead to Narnia, but even better, it’s located in the EXACT place we had planned to sawcut the block wall and add a door. Several layers of foam, drywall, and particle board later (not to mention the actual door, which still had glass panes in it), the doorway was reopened. Colan took our largest sledge (“The Persuader”) to it and after a couple hours of hard work, it was defeated. After he had destroyed the lock, Colan did find the key.

Colan bashing in the doorMany dirty jokes were made

Secret door!Secret door! (other side)

On the left, you can see the newly stripped master bedroom. On the right, the first project to approach completion! Our tile guy Ricardo did beautiful work installing the new tile and repairing the plumbing, electrical, and drywall. This room will be the first to be done. When things get tough, I’ll just go sit in there and stare.

New master bedroom - after the dumpsterHall bath with new tile

Next up: this week is all about cleaning up old wiring and plumbing while we have everything ripped open. We should have pretty new lighting by the end of the week, and then the drywall can start to be repaired!

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