Change we can believe in

Change is in the wind around here. It’s been a crazy busy past year, with our wedding, honeymoon, both starting new jobs, buying this house, and completing two master’s theses. Oh, that’s right, I said two, because on Wednesday morning, in the culmination of three years of work, Kyle successfully presented his applied project and his thesis committee loved it! Just a few hours later, we both walked across the stage at Wells Fargo Arena with 700 of our peers, officially capping our college careers. It was a wonderful celebration and a huge weight lifted off our shoulders (mostly Kyle’s).

So, naturally, I immediately put him back to work on the house.

Screwing into the bottom of the counters

With the thesis out of the way, Kyle and Wayne (with some help from me, but honestly, there’s only room for so many people underneath a sink) spent Saturday finishing up a good portion of the kitchen. They installed the finished countertops (I’m still sealing one more piece, so the cooktop and last two pieces will have to wait), plumbed the sink, installed the new faucet, installed the garbage disposal, reverse osmosis system, water line to the fridge, and the dishwasher.

Counter brackets

The counters were pretty easy – some l-brackets, a few screws, and a shim here or there to keep it all level. Then we dropped the sink in and caulked it and the guys started on the rest.

Installing the countertops

I can’t really speak to the rest of the installation except that I was sent on hardware store runs a few more times throughout the day. The garbage disposal and faucet seemed to go really smoothly, but there was lots of debate about the sink drain and the RO system. By the end of the day though, everything was in place.


Kyle spent most of the day under the sink, so he’s pretty sore today!

Installing the dishwasher

The dishwasher went in pretty easily, but it’s a little short. We’re going to have to install an extra piece of the cabinet rail above. What isn’t very noticeable in this photo is that we used a large sheet of plastic to create a moisture barrier between the dishwasher and the counter. Since the counter is wood, we don’t want any condensation happening on the underside, even if it IS sealed.


After living here for a month without one, I want to make out with this kitchen sink. It’s huge – I’m pretty sure I could bathe Mini in there if I wanted to – and the faucet is full-on professional with the big sprayer. It’s easy to wash even big items like cutting boards and pots in this thing, and after having a composite sink in the old house the enameled cast iron will be a lot easier to keep clean for a long time. I’m also thrilled to have a dishwasher! I no longer have to wash tubs of dishes in the laundry sink, and that’s the best news ever.

Under the sink

That’s all the finished plumbing work. It looks a little crowded in there, but this is actually more room than we had under the sink in the old house. It’s just that the RO system takes up a lot of space! We just have to have a pretty minimal selection of soap/sponges and whatnot, but it’s no biggie.

New faucetCoffee station

I’ll leave you with some beauty shots. There’s more to do in the kitchen – aside from the counters and cooktop, we still need to install the toekick, pendant lights, some cabinet end pieces, and the hardware. But it’s getting A LOT closer, and in the next couple of weeks, it will be done! I can’t wait.

Finished side of the kitchen!

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  1. Marge May 9th, 2012

    Looks great! I’ll be interested to see what hardware you chose–my KT cabinets are still hardware-less because I can’t seem to find something I like more than the plain cabinets. Loving the sink, too!

  2. Angela May 9th, 2012

    Thanks Marge! We have some really simple stainless handles from IKEA, but I agree, I really like the look of them without! Opening every drawer to get to the top one is too annoying though 🙂

  3. Kristen May 25th, 2012

    Very cool. I just wanted to check in and see how you all were coming along. We are almost done. The butcher block island turned out great using the waterlox. LOVE IT. We ended up getting a lam. faux granite look on the counters to compliment the bb island and with the new painted cabinets, new sink and new kitchen table the make over is nearly complete. Good luck to the two of you.

  4. Angela May 29th, 2012

    Hi Kristen, glad your island turned out so great! I have to say, I’m really happy with the Waterlox. It seems to keep everything really protected. Sounds like your kitchen is looking great! You can see another update on getting all the counters in at

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