Bathroom Reveal!


The long awaited master bathroom project is finally done! Hallelujah. In reality, it’s been 90% done for quite some time (check out this post from November to see the demolition and some earlier progress – to recap: cat pee stench, rerouting sewer lines, rebuilding the room from scratch), but we changed our mind about the mirror/medicine cabinet situation and that meant going back to IKEA a few more times, before the important step of letting the pieces hang out in our bedroom for a month. Too, when you have to lag into a block wall to hang cabinets, it’s a two-man job. And if one of your two men is a large pregnant woman, you have to schedule some extra help.


Kyle and Wayne spent a good portion of last Saturday putting the finishing touches on the bathroom, which included wiring the vanity lights (and moving them up the wall, since we first had planned just for much lower mirrors, not medicine cabinets), assembling and hanging the mirrored cabinets and stainless steel shelving in between (they look awesome, but they’re actually three separate pieces that had to be perfectly aligned and level), and hanging the wooden shelving over the toilet.


Eventually, we’ll replace the shower curtain with glass, but for now it works just great. The dual shower heads and ledges (instead of niches, since both walls are concrete block and therefore hard to recess into) are working wonderfully, and the shower feels like a spa!


We’re also loving this penny tile floor, which is very non-slip. It’s one of my favorite details, and while this is gross, it’s super easy to pop up the square drain to clean out any hair or whathaveyou.


The medicine cabinets are super tall (takes nice advantage of this room’s height, so what if I can’t reach the top shelf?) and are actually mirrored inside and out, which makes for a nice lighting effect when the vanity lights are on. It really looks like it’s being lit from within, which makes it feel even fancier than it actually is. Though it also gives the effect that I have way more crap than I actually do. This all fit in one drawer before, I swear!


There may be a few small details we’ll still add to this space (I’d love a bath rug, but I’m still looking for the perfect one), but this room is DONE, and we love it! We’ve also been slowly but surely decorating and putting together our office and the nursery (still waiting on a few final details in here, like, oh, say, outlet plates), so keep an eye out, I’ll hopefully be posting those sometime soon. Less than six weeks til Baby L’s due date, so definitely before then!

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