Bathroom Reveal!


The long awaited master bathroom project is finally done! Hallelujah. In reality, it's been 90% done for quite some time (check out this post from November to see the demolition and some earlier progress - to recap: cat pee stench, rerouting sewer lines, rebuilding the room from scratch), but we changed our mind about the mirror/medicine cabinet situation and that meant going back to IKEA a few more times, before the important step of letting the pieces hang out in our bedroom for a month. Too, when you have to lag into a block wall to hang cabinets, it's a two-man job. And if one of your two men is a large pregnant woman, you have to schedule some extra help.

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One Year Later

I can't believe it's been a little over a year since we bought this house, and today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. The house will be a work in progress for a while, but I'm amazed at how much we did this year! It's more than we planned originally. Let's take a little photo walk down memory lane, shall we?

Remember this? We tore these walls right down (and why is there a tarp over the doorway? Oh yeah, Crazy Dan the tenant was setting off a bug bomb... no big deal)!

Main living/dining space

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Putting Down Roots


Just a little quickie post, but I wanted to show you the little garden that we've got started! For my birthday, Don and Kyle built me these three raised garden bed planters, and now we've gotten filled them with dirt, just in time for the spring planting season.

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New windows!


Ever since we moved into this house, my mother has been extremely concerned about the window situation. The existing windows in the house were original steel casement single pane glass windows that while historically accurate, were leaky and even a safety hazard as some of them wouldn't even open (that's what we call a "code violation"). This photo above is one of the old ones in our office. Most of the cranks were broken off, so even with the windows that weren't caulked shut (why?), you could open them by pushing them out, but couldn't close them without one person on the outside to push and hold them closed, and one person on the inside to lock them in place. None of them had screens, so in practice, they just never got opened. I think it was the combination of the energy inefficiency and the lack of being able to sleep with the window open that so bothered my mom, but she'd ask about them frequently. Since windows are kind of an investment (especially in this house, where we have 11 of them), so we've been remedying this over time. Mom should be thrilled!

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