Closet Fix


Here's a little project that made a big improvement in our lives! One of the things that Contractor Don insisted on when he and my mom were here helping us last spring was that anything that might be trash be tossed in the dumpster. Makes a lot of sense, but the downside for us that a lot of things got tossed that we might not get around to replacing for quite a while, just because they're down the priority list. That included closet doors and shelving, most of which were in pretty rough shape. So since last March, we haven't had doors on any closets or any shelving in most of them. As we've been putting together Baby L's nursery (aka, the room that used to be the place we threw all our random stuff), the need for organized storage has become more and more apparent. Closets are important, people! Especially for an OCD organizer like me.

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I thought you guys might be interested to see how we decorated this house for the holidays? It was really fun for us figuring out how we wanted to decorate in our new space!

We love modern design, of course, but we especially like when it has a warmth to it. Scandinavian design does this particularly well, and we definitely take inspiration from our friends to the north (east) when decorating for winter holidays. This means we're into coziness, natural materials, and simplicity. This winter, Christmas also coincided with some hardcore nesting instincts (including but not limited to a panic that "I won't have time to do any of this next Christmas!") so there was a fair bit of DIY involved. Just warning you.

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