Bathroom renovation

bathroom.jpgbathroom math.jpg

Want to see some pictures of bathroom construction? Of course you do.

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Updated Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash

Gratuitous kitchen photos ahoy!

I think earlier I predicted not getting backsplash up until July? Hmmm, or try September. We bought the tile for the backsplash earlier in the summer, when we took a June trip up to my parents' in Northern California. Sausalito-based Heath Ceramics makes beautiful hand-glazed tile that would normally be pretty far out of our price range, but luckily for us they also have seconds and thirds, which can only be purchased at the main store. You never know what colors they're going to have, or how much, so you pretty much just have to go and pick from their selection.

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Technological Difficulties

Sorry everyone, for the lack of the promised kitchen post! I had to take my computer in to be repaired, so I did't have access to my photos for several days. Then, the repair timeline overlapped my trip home to California, so even though my lovely husband had picked up my computer, I wasn't actually there to use it 🙂 Promise though, this week, for a lengthier and photo-filled update. Read on...