Counter Measures

Hi everyone! First, I want to apologize if you're not super interested in butcher block countertops. This post will probably be boring for you. But if you are thinking about ever installing butcher block in your own home, I have a whole lot of information you might be interested in. Come along on this countertop journey with me!

Raw butcher block

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Water, Water Everywhere

Remember when I mentioned that we were about to start flood irrigation? Well, Friday night, we did just that. And hoo-boy, was it an exciting evening in the Larkin household.

Irrigation handle

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It’s Happening

Palo Verde

With Kyle in the home stretch of his thesis (he defends May 2nd!), work has slowed down here in the DotM house. Since I'm now the brains AND the brawn, and have been managing all the other little details that come with moving (changing addresses, meeting with installers, bringing the last bits over from the old house, cleaning, unpacking, taking piles of stuff to Goodwill, etc), it's hard to do everything. But, here and there, after work, on lunch breaks, and on weekends, things have been happening. I finished painting the main part of the house (just the bathroom left!), Kyle installed our fancy new thermostat, we got master closet infrastructure, kitchen countertops are in progress (I'll show you lots more in the next post), I pruned the trees in our back yard. We've unpacked most things. You know, the process. It's happening, more slowly than I'd like, but it's happening.

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How to cook dinner without a sink or a cooktop

So, friends, the kitchen is on its way to completion but it's not there just yet. There's a whole process wherein I need to seal the new butcher block counters to make sure that they're all friendly to water, oil, and the various messes I will certainly make. So though we moved in last Sunday, we've been eating a lot of takeout. You know how that always sounds nice, but then it isn't all it's cracked up to be? Even on our honeymoon, in food paradise British Columbia, there was a point where I was sick of all the beautiful fresh produce and sparkling local seafood. Going out for every meal, every day gets a little cumbersome (not to mention expensive!) and I just felt like, can I just make myself a sandwich already? In that case, Kyle and I found a little place that served super simple pasta and it satisfied some of my cravings for a home cooked meal (likely because that's always my go-to). In this case, I said hey, we've got an oven!

So, making dinner without a kitchen sink or a cooktop. First, pick something you can make in your oven (a roast chicken, because that's my other go-to, the very first thing I ever learned to cook for myself), and/or something that doesn't need to be cooked at all (a lovely salad with strawberries, since they're in season and actually taste like themselves instead of that cardboard cutout of them you get the rest of the year).

Chicken in the oven

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We have a mulberry tree!

I have been working out in the living room during the day with all the windows open, and the lovely freshness of it all is really nice. I hear birds all day hanging out in the tree out back, which was a big deciduous mystery until it starting getting leaves a couple of weeks ago.

Male lesser goldfinch

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