Working Like Beavers

I sincerely apologize for the radio silence, Internet. It's been a crazy week and a half.


When we last spoke, we were building a kitchen out of 138 IKEA boxes. The week after that was Kyle's spring break, so my mom and step-father Don were planning to be in town for their usual spring visit (typical: sunny days and baseball games. Not typical: slave labor). Instead, we put them to work ("like beavers," as my grandmother put it), and it was a whirlwind ten days. I took the week mostly off of work, so we were at the house 8-12 hours a day every day - my parents actually extended their time here to finish some projects. The house was a whirlwind of paint, primer, spackle, sawdust... you name it. There was no real safe place to put the camera, so unfortunately I don't have as many pictures as I'd like. I had this amazing one of my mom COVERED in paint (messy painting runs in the family!), but sadly my phone deleted it.

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Driving the Walrus


I mentioned in my last post that getting the flooring was a bit of a saga. We shopped around a lot, and decided on bamboo flooring because of cost, sustainability, and general prettiness. After living with concrete floors for the last few years (and even knowing the lovely concrete in this house) we'd decided we wanted to do wood of some kind, to give our feet a little more cushion. It sounds silly but for reals you guys, walking on concrete all the time in bare feet can lead to some really sore soles at the end of the day. We knew from our research that there were some issues with bamboo (harvesting the grass too young can lead to it not being very hard, so can over-coloring it through a steam process called carbonization, or the way its woven together to create planks), but we ended up choosing a product that we were pretty sure happy with. We borrowed our friend Mike's truck and drove to the store to buy our 1,483 square feet of flooring (the whole house, minus bathrooms and laundry room. Oh, and that carport unit we're completely ignoring for the time being).

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It’s Almost Like We Have a Kitchen

It's a funny thing - sometimes it's hard to find the time to write about something when you're busy actually doing it. This has been a crazy week; we worked at the house on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, plus all day Saturday and Sunday. Usually, we've been working all day Saturday and then part of the day - for stuff like clean up, store runs, and so on - on Sunday, but we try not to work too much during the week so we can get our own work done. I hate to say this, but I think we might be getting old. After our long day at the house on Saturday, we've been waking up every Sunday barely able to move. We had been doing some pretty labor intensive work; taking up flooring, tearing down walls, so it felt pretty justified. This weekend though, all I did was assemble cabinets, and Sunday morning my back and knees hurt from kneeling and my hands were swollen from holding the screwdriver all day.

Kyle and Wayne hanging cabinets

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138 Boxes

Not super accurate kitchen rendering

Have you ever been to IKEA on a Saturday afternoon? It's where the less-desirable parts of my personality emerge, and I start mentally pushing old ladies aside and bopping small children on the head. IKEA in the worst of circumstances can feel a lot like a lazy river, where we're all on the same path and moving at the same slow speed. You'd like to get around people, but there's only so much you can do, and there's always some kid splashing people and yelling. I'm a pretty efficient shopper, and I've been to IKEA so many times that I know where everything is so I usually just want to get from A to B. Anyone (old ladies and small children included) in my way will face my wrath! Fair point, my wrath usually just consists of frustrated mumblings under my breath, but still. It's not a good place to be. Kyle usually has to bait me with delicious frozen yogurt to make me behave myself (good practice for parenting I'm sure).

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