138 Boxes

Not super accurate kitchen rendering

Have you ever been to IKEA on a Saturday afternoon? It’s where the less-desirable parts of my personality emerge, and I start mentally pushing old ladies aside and bopping small children on the head. IKEA in the worst of circumstances can feel a lot like a lazy river, where we’re all on the same path and moving at the same slow speed. You’d like to get around people, but there’s only so much you can do, and there’s always some kid splashing people and yelling. I’m a pretty efficient shopper, and I’ve been to IKEA so many times that I know where everything is so I usually just want to get from A to B. Anyone (old ladies and small children included) in my way will face my wrath! Fair point, my wrath usually just consists of frustrated mumblings under my breath, but still. It’s not a good place to be. Kyle usually has to bait me with delicious frozen yogurt to make me behave myself (good practice for parenting I’m sure).

Kitchen in a box

However, have you ever been to IKEA on say, a Wednesday morning? It’s heaven. With my new work-from-home routine and Kyle’s flexible teaching schedule, we were able to go in and face the ordeal of ordering an entire kitchen at a much less busy time. We didn’t even have to wait to talk to a Co-Worker! Highly recommended. The employee we worked with, Nancy, was super helpful, suggesting a couple of alternate solutions that we appreciated. It didn’t hurt that she kept saying things about our kitchen model (the one you make with their web software – shown above, only semi-accurately because their software doesn’t let you make a kitchen that doesn’t have walls on four sides) like “seriously, did you guys make this yourself? You really didn’t have any help? I’ve literally never seen one so good.” Well, in a past work life I DID do 3d modeling for a living. But you just keep throwing the compliments my way!

Pizza on the cabinet!Boxes

In under an hour, we had ordered everything and scheduled delivery. To boot, we had also been waiting and watching the IKEA website for the rumored spring kitchen sale, so we took advantage of the 20% off kitchen sale that started that morning. So yeah. Go IKEA!

138 individual boxes later (plus a few bags), we started installing the kitchen this week – more photos to come!

Cabinet assmebly

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  1. Crystal March 12th, 2012

    Yay! Very excited on your progress so far! Can’t wait to see more photos of the kitchen!

  2. Michelle March 12th, 2012

    Wow – it is daunting to build a kitchen from so many boxes…but if anyone can do it without fail it’s you both 🙂 I honestly cannot imagine you getting upset…that is probably why the height of your frustration includes a few words mumbled under your breath – cute 🙂

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